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Passing leisure time with doing some artworks in their smartphones and other apps is a great option for the painters and drawing lovers. Technology has become so rich that you can now show your incredible imagination with your app. Of Android devices, you’ll find thousands of drawing applications in the play store. But do you think it’s worth trying on? No, absolutely not. To make it easy, you can get some idea of Android’s best drawing apps here with a glove.

You don’t have to check out any indignant apps from the play store. You can read the apps, and quickly pick one or more applications to try without any doubt. You’ll also find applications with various types of drawing. So, now it’s time to spend a couple of minutes getting some drawing software for your Android devices to make your leisure time fun by doing some works of art.

Adobe Illustrator draw

Adobe offers a free Adobe Illustrator Draw sketching feature. It comes with a simple interface, intuitive motion mechanics, and a comprehensive list of features.

Adobe Illustrator Draw helps you to use your phone or tablet to create and save vector illustrations. Not only are the brush tools sleek and easy to use, it’s surprisingly smooth with this feature-packed drawing app.

Because this allows vector art, the pictures are smooth and transparent. And as an official Adobe software, sketches or finished products can be easily moved to Adobe Illustrator for continued work. This app has everything from layering to sketching, to drawing.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is an excellent all-round Android painting app that offers artists access to more than 160 brushes, in addition to creating their own new brushes and changing the brush settings to match your tastes.

These brushes are designed to communicate with digital paper textures in a realistic manner, enabling artists to create digital paintings that closely resemble the conventional counterpart, without having to cart around large canvases, paints and brushes wherever they go.

With Photoshop blend modes, perspective guides, selection masks, and clipping masks, Infinite Painter allows artists to create as many layers as they may need.

Sketch-draw & paint

Drawing is a hobby for creative people and those who do research on technical graphics. The design is one of the features Sony produces for mobile devices. Along with its stunning device interface, it is one of the most flexible devices with lots of important features. It has the option of sharing your work on popular online platforms.

Adobe photoshop sketch

Where Adobe Draw excels in vector drawing, Adobe Sketch (like Adobe Photoshop) is great at raster sketching. Filled with brushes to the edge, Sketch lets you create anything you have the drawing skills.

Sketch tools overlap with those in Adobe Draw, so you can switch between apps back and forth. After all, not only does Adobe make fantastic software, it also builds innovative, cross-device environments.


ArtFlow is a great Android drawing software that serves children and adults alike. It comes with over 70 tools and brushes, including color adjustments, undo and redo buttons etc. This Android drawing application also offers up to 16 layers with 11 different blending modes.

You can import pictures from the gallery or camera and export your sketches to PSD, PNG or JPEG files as well. It has an intuitive interface which is easy to use. The purpose of the app is to replace your physical sketchpad and become a universal sketch application for Android.

Autodesk Sketchbook

The free Sketchbook app has all the power and user-friendliness you might need, and a unified experience across Android and iOS. Sketchbook comes with a variety of drawing tools and brushes, all of which you can customize to Dropbox or iCloud on the fly, pinch to zoom, a gallery organizer and support to save and store your works. Additionally, users can create a free Sketchbook account to gain access to additional features like layer and symmetry software.

A premium subscription to the Sketchbook unlocks more design tools like an extended brush library, and more powerful layer and selection features.


Starting at £ 4.79/ around $5, ArtRage offers unlimited digital canvases and painting that reacts realistically, allowing you to create art that gives the impression of the real textures and effects you would get from physical painting, making it an absolute pleasure to use.

This goes as far as monitoring how much paint you have applied, and how wet the paint is to allow you to mix and smear with different tools, great for watercolor or oil paints.

You’ll get unlimited layers and blending modes from Photoshop, unlimited undo and redo (you probably don’t get that in real life), opacity controls, and more.


MediBang Paint is a Japanese multi-platform art application designed with a view to manga and comic art styles. The app comes with the features you’d expect from a solid mobile art device that includes textures, rulers, a variety of brushes, and snap guides and tracing aids. You’ll also find numerous tools for things such as comic panels, screen tones, lettering fonts and more.

Multi-platform support for the free app also means that you can build a cloud account to move works between devices, allowing you to start a sketch on a phone or tablet, and then refine your work on the app’s desktop versions or share it with a collaborator.


While most apps are trying to give you a new, minimal UI, PaperColor is placing the pens in front of you and brushing them out. It’s as similar as you can from an Android app to a easel and canvas.

PaperColor also features a great portfolio monitor and one of any drawing app’s broadest and most intuitive brush choices. Purchase the VIP edition and you will get carte blanche of all the wonderful resources that PaperColor has to offer

Learn to draw 3D

Learn to Draw 3D is one of the great pencil sketching and drawing applications you can get for your mobile devices. It’s a tutorial app that helps you learn how to draw pictures both in electronic media and enriches your artistic realm as you create your artwork. It’s very used to using and helps you to master 3D artworks effectively.

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