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It feels like there’s an app for all these days, but the best ones must be the apps that make money. You can sell unnecessary stuff in your home with these apps (from fashion to furniture), complete surveys that will pay you in cash, save money during your next shopping spree and even find a side hustle. There’s even an app that will reward you for how many steps you take each day! Whatever your preferences, these apps are free to download and sign up for, and easy to use, which make you money.

Download a few of these money-making apps to see the ones suit your money-saving and money-making needs best, and watch the money roll into your bank account. And you needn’t think about who you communicate with in the apps. All of these apps are secure and most do comprehensive background checks to help you prevent any scams.

Amazon seller

Amazon is one of the number one retailers in the world. If you want to, you can be a part of it. An Amazon Seller account helps you to sell items right next to any other item on the service. This is a perfect way to clear the garage, make a couple of bucks, or even start a sales company. They let you do it, free of charge. You will pay $0.99 for each item you sell, though. Those that sell loads of products with their monthly subscription of $39.99 that omits the fee of $0.99 might be fairer.


Pei is my favorite App for instant cash back. You will automatically receive an extra 1-10 percent cash back in several shops and restaurants after you sign up and synchronize your account.
Your card is secure with Pei using 256-bit bank-level encryption to encrypt end-to-end communication, and use 2-factor authentication when connecting your cards.

You can cash out from PayPal, a gift card, or–if you’re a crypto enthusiast–Bitcoin, until you receive $15.00. So far, from Target, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, 7-Eleven, In-N-Out, Papa Murphy’s and more, I have obtained Pei points.


Acorns is a perfect way to be lazy about making money. The app takes your change of spare from sales and invests in it. You can watch your money rise when you need it, and redeem it for free.


Perk is a common platform offering you different ways to complete a task on your Android phone and receive points of rewards.

You can watch videos, play games, visit blogs, search the web and other income-earning activities. You can use the gift cards to name a few for different retailers including target, PayPal, Walmart.

What I liked most about Perk’s ecosystem was that let you make money by watching Android phone videos. This is the Android phone’s least effortless way of earning money.


Lots of people have lots of stuff worth some money. EBay will help you turn your stuff into real money. Everybody knows pretty much how eBay works. You put a page of your stuff up. Then people buy it and you ship it out. You can sell just about everything from books and clothes to electronics, and even furniture or vehicles. We suggest that you sell bigger products locally because delivery can be difficult, but otherwise this is where you want to start when you sell things. It’s probably among the best money making apps and undoubtedly the most popular.


I like the Fetch Rewards app because that’s so easy. This isn’t fully automatic like Pei above, but just by taking a receipt photo, you can combine the two to receive extra cash back.

Fetch has collaborated with more than 250 famous brands and you’ll earn points when you buy any of those. Then, retailers like Best Buy, Sephora, Staples, Gap and more will redeem points for gift cards.


5miles is a market place app, so you can purchase or sell something you don’t need or want anymore. You can determine pretty much who you are selling it to, how much, how far you are willing to travel to do the trade and whether you want to pay via the app or in person. The app also helps you find a safe place to meet and complete the transaction with the other person.


MooCash’s mobile app helps you to gain money with your Android cell phone or tablet by simply using the locker. This free screen locker rewards users by swiping left to demand an offer to unlock their mobile phone.

Users collect coins that can be exchanged into the cash through PayPal or Google Loyalty Card while swipping to accept an offer. They need to download the advertised app, or watch a short video, to accept an deal.

You can already redeem $2 through Paypal with 2000 coins. You can also receive gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play.

Make money: passive income

Make money: passive income ideas is essentially what the title suggests. Unlike those scams where they make bold promises that they can’t keep, this app shows you what’s inside the realm of possibility. As well as a list of 60 jobs you can do from home, it also provides a selection of related skills you’ll need to do. Some are easier than others. Starting a blog or a YouTube channel for instance are a few of the ideas. It won’t produce money on its own, but without a whole lot of work it can give you ideas on how to do so. It’s one of the apps that promises to make money.

Surveys on the go

Surveys on the Go is an application which allows you to complete surveys for money. This one pays out in cash as opposed to those where you get points or Google Opinion Rewards. Sadly, in any given month there are only a few surveys available. And don’t wait to roll in dough. It’s perfect though for those who just want to earn some extra bucks here and there. The software itself is a little blandly built, but user friendly enough. It’s not an absolute must, but as long as you don’t expect the moon it is one of the reliable money making apps.

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