Successful Blogging Tips

Do you feel overwhelmed at times, because you don’t know what to blog about?

Or do you come across a book full of ideas but you don’t have a clue which one to pick?

Blogging becomes super easy when you have a blog content strategy or have a fixed list of ideas you’ll be writing about.

Let’s see why a content strategy on blog can help you grow your blog faster.

Get real

All right, first things first. You’ve got to be a little realistic. With all the other content we make these days, nobody expects you to be posting every day, or multiple times a week. It’s totally fine once a week, or even once a fortnight (as long as you mix things up with some Facebook lives or other live content in between then).

Even if you’ve been writing weekly, it’s kind of insane to try to write Several daily blog posts in one week. Those would not be posts of good quality.

And if they’re not something that will make your readers jump up and say “this is awesome, I’d like to share it with all my friends” or “wow I love this, tell me more!”First of all, it’s a waste of time.

But about one posts a week or a month? I think you could, particularly with a few more tips below (that’s less than one post a day for someone playing at home!)

Estabilishing your goal

The first step you should take is to set your goals, because only then do you know what you want to achieve with your content. Want to generate quality leads that can be converted into customers? Want to highlight your photography skills and attract customers? Looking to raise awareness of a particular cause and help improve people’s lives?

Whatever your ambitions are, you always need to keep them at the forefront of your mind, so that you can work toward them. Identifying them before you begin the planning stage of your content will help you develop the best content strategy.

Market research

Market research is one of the most significant steps towards creating quality content. The content you produce must be relevant to your target audience and useful to them. The market research plan will help you know the direction you need to take on the road to attract the readers you need to use your blog.

You need to analyze your target market and understand what it is about the subjects of your choosing that people are looking for. It’s also important to check how those topics are covered by your competition.

You may not be able to take the right approach without market research when it comes to promoting your products or services on your blog. And you might forget to showcase a particular talent that you started your blog in the first place. You can understand how to attract your readers as you know everything about your target market.

Keyword research

It’s not about attracting a lot of visitors to your blog but attracting the right kind of visitors. That is why keyword research is critical to your content planning. You have to attract people who are looking for the exact type of content you are providing. One of the first steps to this is the use of relevant keywords.

Keyword research lets you step up your SEO game and drive more targeted blog visitor. Keywords inform search engines about what your blog is like. If you pick and target your content with the right keywords, your SEO ranking will improve. Google will recognize your blog as a source of information relevant and credible to it.

What about those targeted visits you are going to bring in? When you put keywords relevant to your content, you will be able to find people who type those keywords in search engines.

Content Planning

Now that the hard work you have done, it is time to get organized. A content planner is a great way to organize your newly developed blog content plan. A good content planner or content calendar will detail what’s going to be posted regularly. This can help you keep track of when to post, what you have already posted and what will happen next. This also allows you to make changes if you change your goals or have to add posts later.

Also, keep track of topical events (such as holidays and festivals) so you can plan and stay up-to-date with relevant posts around those events!

Just do it

Now you know what needs to be done, and the most important thing now is how much better your business will run when you do it. Now you actually need to do it.

So go on, click below and get some public accountability, that YES you’re going to sort out your next 6 months of content.

Sure, you’re going to have a little extra on your plate for a week, but after that… trust me, that’s bliss!
Will you get to do it?
Go ahead!

Share on social media

Once you know what you’re posting and when, it’s time to share with the world your creative efforts! Great social media, along with a strong SEO, is an effective way to reach new audiences.

Facebook, Instagram & Co. are not just platforms to share stuff. Social media should be seen, for bloggers, as an extension beyond your blog boundaries. But with a sheer number of new social media platforms popping up each day, it can be challenging to know which ones you can channel your efforts into.

But all these needs are some research and an understanding of your blog audience as well as of your social public. Make sure which channels work best for you and in which you are most comfortable and get sharing. Not sure how to get your content posted to social media? Then consider developing a strategy on social media too.

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