11 Best Blog Content Calendar

To run a blog is to have a lot of balls in the air. You’re always looking for new ideas about content, writing posts for guests, building your email list and running experiments.

Let’s not forget that you’re probably creating posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram, taking pictures, finding images, and search engine optimisation.

Having a blog planner can go a long way in helping you keep organizing your thoughts and activities. Here are some fantastic planners to help you coordinate your blog, streamline your operation and increasing your audience.

  1. Airtable 

For me, our content planner for Brafton Airtable has become like the digital version of my own planner notebook–it is exceptionally organized and user friendly. According to each writer, we break things down, each writer is responsible for the name of the blog posts in the month, and an assortment of other information, such as content type, status, draft due date and target start date. We also include spots for links to content briefs that guide writers, and a place to link to the draft that was completed. Are we structured, or what??

Airtable offers a free version that includes essential features, and reasonably priced versions of Plus, Pro and Enterprise.

  1. Entice’s blog planner

The Entice Blog Planner has helped the blog grow to more than 120,000 visitors per month for a software company.

While this planner helps you post ideas on your brainstorm blog, it will get you to think about how you’ll promote the post before you actually write it.

Most bloggers don’t think about promoting their post until it’s released after their post. But the Entice Blog Planner gives you the chance to bake promotion in the post before it is written, thereby increasing the chance of success.

  1. Clickstart club

The Clickstart Club Ultimate Blog Planner was originally designed as a sales item, but the founders decided to give it away for free after they realized how big it might be for bloggers of a game changer.

This planner features tracking sheets outside of schedulers, where you can track expenses, mileage, income, passwords and more. It is meant to be used either inside a binder, or as a printable.

  1. The happiness planner

The Happiness Planner ® is a planner and journal designed to help you create more happiness and fulfillment in life by using the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude and self-development.

The Happiness Planner helps you one day at a time to become your best self by taking a positive outlook on life, practicing gratitude and reflecting on your days, weeks and months.

  1. Nina hendrick printable

This planner will help you organize your calendar for editorials. Do you struggle with the marketing schedule for your content? Did you buy blogging courses you haven’t finished on? Maybe you’ve downloaded a ton of different, unhelpful blogging apps?

Whatever you’re looking for in a downloadable printable, this one can be of help. Once downloaded, you’ll get 10 free printables that will help you keep track of your blogging goals.

  1. Homeschool creation’s blog planner

Coming in at 66 pages, this comprehensive blog post planner is designed to help you plan a whole year of your blog.

At a glance, there are 12 months pages that allow you to do some planning on the long term. Then every month is broken down into weekly planners where you can get more granular about planning your blog posts.

The weekly schedulers allow for more granular scheduling. For each day of the week you can fill in a blog post or activity.

  1. My affiliate marketing planner and tracker

My affiliate marketing planner and tracker is one of the tools I use to my blogs. I need to use it along with my Passion Planner.

Because I can’t just use this alone but it has prevented me from creating content for the sake of creating content and losing out on my blogs ‘ affiliate earnings.

If you always get lost and forget where all the information for your affiliate programs and products is, this is what you need. It will also help you make your affiliate marketing efforts more productive, so you can save time and focus less effort on increasing your affiliate income.

  1. Emily ley simplified planner

The Simplified Planner is a lovely scheduler for busy women. Designed minimally it has open pages serving as a daily fresh start. The mission of planners is to inspire women to organize and simplify.

The daily edition covers 12 months (with one day per page and weekend shared pages) and features luxury paper and a gold wire-o-binding. You’ll also receive monthly “planning tips” from Emily via email with your purchase of the Simplified Planner.

  1. The baddas blog planner from amazon

A one year planner containing 60 worksheets to help you stay on track throughout the year. Helping you with your ideas on content marketing, email newsletters, marketing, advertising and blog expenses plus so much more will help. Use this planner to help you see what works and what isn’t, and adjust your content and social media strategy to deliver better results.

  1. All about planners

This blog post planner of 30 sheets comes complete with monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages. Through setting up a regular to do list, you can plan long-term publishing dates and create a 10,000 foot view of your blog and go granular.

You will arrange your ideas for material and the timetable for your promotion. This way, you can streamline your process from beginning to end.

  1. Epic blog planner by regina

This one year blog editorial planner from my blog biz hero will help you create a purposeful and efficient content plan for your blog through a mini blog business plan, a great reader survey, monthly theme planning, weekly content planning, and regular monthly calendars.

The planner is set up with blank months, so you can begin to use it every month of any year. Each month includes a page to plan important goals and tasks before the month starts, a page to track progress on key stats and goals after the month ends, two pages a month to brainstorm content ideas for your blog, email list, products and collaborations, as well as space close to the monthly calendar to write notes or record your content ideas before putting them in your calendar.

It planner will help you stay focused while designing a compelling content strategy that stimulates blog growth and increased profits.

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