10 Best blogger forums

Joining a discussion forum allows bloggers to broaden their knowledge and perspective about their blogging passion. Blog forums provide a good place for bloggers to communicate, share ideas, debate some topics in a healthy way and discuss relevant issues concerning the blogging industry. Here are some of the top forums bloggers must join to extend their network connections with fellow bloggers.

  1. Warriorforum

Warriorforum now is freelancer Inc’s web property. WarriorForum is yet another free forum to join Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing where warriors(members) discuss various subjects, in particular. Like BHW, it has a section called WAR room which is a secret forum place and you will have to subscribe to WAR room membership to get access to this area.

Warriorforum has an affiliate program where only members of the WAR room can make new posts which cost $20 each. This offer for sale is called WSO (Warrior Special Offer). Warriors promote those offers and they earn commissions.

  1. Bloggerhub

The site offers bloggers a good venue for sharing ideas and showing off their blog sites. It is a good place to look for fellow bloggers on a blogger’s site who could provide constructive criticism. Blogger forum provides bloggers with an online community to help each other grow professionally by delivering brilliant ideas on how to blog effectively.

  1. Wicked forum

Wicked Fire is regarded as one of the web’s top affiliate marketing forums, so if you’re dabbling in affiliate marketing, particularly with regard to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) networks, this forum is for you.

Some of the people raking in tons of money on Wicked Fire and like to share how they do it. My only caveat about this forum is that it can be quite vulgar, and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re going to be eaten up and spit out. If you’re a beginner interested in affiliate marketing, I should undoubtedly read the threads and take in as much information as you want (which is gold), but I wouldn’t initiate or participate in any conversations.

I’m not a member myself, but when I was involved affiliate marketing with PPC I used to read a lot of articles on Wicked Fire back.

  1. Afflift

AffLift is the leading marketing affiliate platform which discusses advertisement, monetization and Seo. You will find tons of useful guides to increase traffic on your website, and ways to monetize the same.

Talking about affiliate marketing, when you’re a media buyer, you can find beat sources to buy traffic. To start making money in affiliate marketing, find the best CPA, CPI, and nutra campaigns.

  1. Digital point

One of my favourites is digital point! Because of its high rank in the search engine it is a famous and receives loads of traffic. Members are active in responding to the forum members posts making it a good site where they interact actively with fellow freelancers / bloggers.

Members are asked to add their signature to their account along with their blog link which can provide good backlinks to your blog site whenever you post a reply to the threads and discussions on the forum.

  1. Self-starters weekly tips

The Self-Starters Weekly Tips Forum (SSWT) is a forum administered by Click Newz’s 12 year veteran and owner of internet marketing, Lynn Terry. Because this is a much smaller forum than the rest, I find the advice and attention given to each post far more personal. On the forums Lynn herself can always be seen giving her guidance, which is really awesome.

SSWT is a great spot for beginners who might be intimidated by some of the bigger sites. Definitely the close-knit group is very appealing and always keeps me coming back to see what everyone is up to. Honestly, I find myself offering more advice than I take in, which is all right with me because I enjoy helping other people — but if you’re looking for more specialized advice, you might want to check out Lynn’s Elite Members Forum (paid), or any of the other forums listed here.

  1. Moneymakerdiscussion

MMD is a great portal for a newbie to begin their journey at a steady $10 per day income. I’m not claiming you can earn just $10 a day but steady and steady that’s better than $300 a month. People here talk about SEO, SMO, making money online, marketing affiliates and selling or buying services.

  1. Site point

The site has a good rank of Alexa, and is busy with traffic. You can enjoy becoming a part of the healthy discussions with other bloggers that might help you grow professionally. Each time you participate in a forum discussion, your blog site can be promoted by posting your signature with links to your blog.

  1. Problogger

Problogger.com (not to be confused with the blog of Darren Rowse on Problogger.net) is a new website which Darren had just launched in October. The cool thing about this site is that everything is about blogging.

There are over 21,500 posts in just a few months, so you can imagine how active that forum is. From the start, I’ve been a member and the quality of the information here is superb. Probably the best part about being a part of the community is the ability to connect and network with other bloggers, all with the common goal of a successful blog management.

Nonetheless, there is a subscription fee of $5.95 a month which is worth it entirely. If you really want to take your blog to the next level and join a fantastic community, a few non-fat decaf caramel white chocolate mochas a month are worth sacrificing. Wouldn’t you believe it?

  1. 24x7forum

Started by a young enthusiastic blogger to support thousands of people by answering all the questions about money making, WordPress, blogging, and SEO. Content marketing and domaining are further subjects covered.
I’m going to have to say that this will be a great place for you to ask the community for anything you’re facing or confused about internet marketing.

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