Types of Blogs That Make Money

Before (or even after) they began their blog, one thing most people wonder is whether or not the subject they have chosen would actually make money… That begs the question: are there certain types of blogs that make money?

Perhaps some niches are harder to expand and profit from than others, but I definitely think almost any blog type will make money! And as I will clarify below, success isn’t always the subject.

That’s why I’m going to talk about the different types of blogs today that make money as well as give you some examples of real life!

Keep in mind that if you don’t see your blog niche on this page, that doesn’t mean your contributions won’t be monetized!

This is only a starting point for you to realize what blog types make money, and you can do the same for your own blog.

Fashion and Beauty

This segment has always existed, will always exist and it can be incredibly profitable if you have an audience.

I’m talking to advice on what to wear, how to do it, makeup and everything that goes into how you show yourself to the public when I mention “fashion and beauty”

This niche is, of course, very popular with females but there are also some guys out there who behead it. Many on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube had major follow-ups.


This niche is often hard to start and most of the people behind these niches are real lovers with passion who have interest in learning about health and fitness. It’s kind of a tricky blog-type niche that makes money if you know what you’re doing?

When anyone looks for any health-related issues, problems, information, and the miracles will be done if you provide the right solution by putting your affiliate link

Having a dedicated blog on blogging about weight loss products, vitamins and more would be the best example.

Writing articles on this field includes some real time expertise and solid subject information.

Since there is a large consumer base interested in trying these goods, this market would surely make it a highly profitable source of income.

Life Style

A blog about lifestyle is a common blog covering several different topics. Generally these blogs target one type of audience-new moms, college kids, pet lovers. Many bloggers think with a multi-topic blog, you can’t generate a profit.

The logic behind that is that there is one kind of audience listening to a niche blog with one core subject. If you can talk to them ONLY, you can aid them with their issues (by recommending products and services for their assistance).

But, with the issue of lifestyle, you can make money!


Although this subject is incredibly competitive, it is a topic which will always be of interest.

Business forums will cover a range of topics from the tips on social media marketing to e-commerce tactics. Within the company segment there are many different niches which can make you money.

Business blogs can often sell classes, e-books, and trainings as a way to monetize, if you have experience with something.

News and Politics

People are curious about the surrounding world. We want to keep up to date about what’s going on in the world.

There are of course large news outlets out there to help satisfy this basic desire. There are, however, a rising number of online journalists who deliver their opinion on the news.  Furthermore, there are many blogs that have arisen which provide a specific view of the news (liberal, conservative, etc.).

Everyone is moving into the news business with the growth of social media networks like Facebook. In the world of media, for example, niche tech blogs break real stories.

This was only reserved for the major newspapers, and maybe some magazines, years ago.

DIY and Crafting

It just seems to be massive doing stuff. It is an environment that hasn’t suffered from the changes in our modern lifestyles at all.

Like this one for blog types who make money out of it. If anything, this entire scene has just erupted in Etsy and Pinterest.

When you want to do crafts, you can write how to tutorial, record video clips, and take great pictures of your designs, this is a great option.


I’ve heard that food blogs are a bit harder to monetize and I think this is because a lot of people are looking for recipes and not seeing too much interest in the content.

What I mean by this is that they don’t tend to read the preamble before the recipe-they only scroll down to the recipe.

Still, if you are serious about it, don’t let that stop you from launching a food blog. There are many food writers who have successfully turned their blogs with cookbooks, YouTube channels and sponsorships into full-time careers.

Even then, you can make money from the advertisements put on your website, so if customers aren’t really buying in the food niche from your affiliate links, you can still focus on advertising income.

Inspiration and Motivation

This niche is also very closely related to the lifestyle blog, but here the focus addresses the aims of better human life.

The blog’s sole purpose is to offer different tips on personal development, inspiring / motivational myth videos, etc.

You can make money by writing an ebook, or posting a self-improvement video, personality developement, etc.


People love their pets and are prepared to spend every amount of money on them (I can testify to that personally). The pet niche is a great example of a blog form that can produce lots of income from affiliate products as customers are quite frankly willing to splurge on their furry-friends.


Parenting is a profitable niche and New Bloggers should launch one of the popular blogs. Just think about it – there are whole baby and children’s shops. Hundreds and thousands of products are available just for parents only. It is a popular niche as well -moms are everywhere!

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