New City Public Library in Adelaide

Looking forward to visiting the new City Library located on Level 3, Rundle Place in Adelaide.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the setting up of the library:

Looks quite a lot like the library@orchard that I used to work in. Brings back great memories! Nostalgic! :)

Quick Links | 27 February 2013

Park It!

Interesting to introduce a ‘sunny’ park within the Oak Park Public Library in Chicago so that patrons can get away from the winter wonderland outside. (via [Tame The Web][1])


Video and Some Quick Links – 17 July 2010

A funny yet effective, IMHO, promotional video done for the Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library along the lines of the current viral video all over the web of the new Old Spice advertisements running on US televisions.

* [Libraries focus on convenience with mall locations](
Singapore has had libraries in malls for quite a number of years already with the first one opened back in 1999. I personally worked in 2 mall libraries during my 8 years working in the public libraries in Singapore. And I do think mall libraries allow for mall shoppers to just stroll through the library after they are done with their shopping.
* [Libraries embrace new technology](
What a wonderful way to make use of technology in the form of Skype to get an author to ‘sit in’ on your book club even though they might be in a different country. Besides Skype, the article also talks about other technologies that are used in libraries such as gaming such as the Microsoft XBox, Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3 as well as e-readers such as the Kindle and iPad.
* [Kids find summertime haven in libraries, parents find day care](,0,2891761,full.story)
I guess this is a normal occurrence in all public libraries all over the world, particularly during school holidays. I guess it is only a summertime haven if the libraries not that busy and the librarians and library staff can help look out for the kids. However, in busier libraries, I think it will pose security problems as the library staff will not be able to keep tabs on all the children all the time. How do your libraries help in this area?
* [Using Library Experts Wisely](
I wish all teachers work with library staff this way to enhance the learning of their students. Enuff said!
* [Library supporters question Pacers deal](,0,5852376.story)
Sad to read about a city’s decision to not support funding for libraries and yet spend nearly 5 times more to prop up a NBA team.

Video: Staffing the Library of the Future in Plain English

The video is done by the library at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and it is follows the style developed by the [Common Craft](

Video: A Plagiarism Carol

A wonderfully professional and well-produced video by the University of Bergen in Norway on the topic of plagiarism.

(via Librarians Matter)

Video: Librarians Do Gaga

Librarians Do Gaga

Video: Social Media Revolution

A condensed look at the impact of social media. Very interesting facts indeed!

Video: “Unleash the Users” by Aarhus Public Library

A video from [Aarhus Public Library]( to show how libraries can use new ways to engage library users. This particular video is on user-driven innovation.

Cartoon of ‘Nancy’


Quite apt for the current economic situation. And I think public libraries around the world have an increased visitorship and maybe even loans.

Personally, I’ve experience the busy-ness of the [Adelaide City Council](1) libraries as well as the [South Australia State Library](2).


Managers and Complaints

(via Unshelved)

Today’s (yesterday’s if you are in Asia or Australia) *Unshelved* comic strips talks about the manager trying to avoid meeting a patron because the patron was trying to make a complaint to her.

I’ve got similar ‘adventures’ when I was a librarian. :) It was definitely not fun, particularly when the patron is fuming about something and just want someone to vent their anger at. But I guess I used something similar as in the comic strip to help defuse the situation. Of course, this doesn’t work all the time and things do get ugly when the patron just starts shouting in the library.

Have you encountered any ‘nasty’ customers in the course of your work in the library? If you have, please feel free to share them in the comments.